[Resolved] Bar code does not show on web.whatsapp.com when shield is on

When trying to start a WhatsApp web session the bar code used to login disappears after half a second when shield is enable. If shield is disabled the bar code appears.

Hi @Gromer, do you happen to have Block all fingerprinting enabled? It seems like that’s what’s stopping the QR code to display. When using Block 3rd Party Fingerprinting, I’m seeing the QR code without any issues under 0.24.0. Example:

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Hi @kamil, thank you for the prompt reply. Yes, I do have Block all fingerprinting enabled globally, after changing to ‘Block 3rd Party Fingerprinting’ web.whatsapp.com is working with shield on. Thank you again, very much appreciated

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No problem @Gromer! Glad it’s working :slight_smile: I use WhatsApp Web myself so definitely ran into this a few times!