Resolution didn't help [RESOLVED]

Sorry to say @Mattches but the resolutions you said that were made, helped none of us it’s been more than 10 hours I kept all of my browsers open and still got nothing. I can’t see claim button in any of my browsers and my friends’. We together have about 10 browsers in total and can’t see even a single one which got a claim button to claim our July rewards. We also missed June rewards in July payout last month and this month again !

I’ve DMed you yesterday and received a message that you found a resolution for this and we will be getting claim button without a issue but no it’s not happened the things stood the same as before the resolution was made my payout status is still showing “Your +10.302 BAT July rewards are on the way. Keep an eye out!” And once the payout will be over (according to you) you’ll be updated that unverified payouts are completed and this status will no longer be there and we can see any trace of our earnings !

What to do ? We are losing hope on using brave now

I’ve found these invalid wallet errors in my logs.

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Exact same problem here.

Still getting the “oops” error on Android…

I’m not even getting that . There is no sign of claim button for me since July payout out (last month)
And these people say that it has been resolved but actually not.

No my phone is not rooted !!
The same issue is on my laptop too what can you say about this now ?

Just to make you sure about the issue. It was fine till June payout then my uphold got closed for some unknown reasons since then I didn’t get claim button which I supposed to get as I’m a unverified user to reside rewards in browser.

Finally got it today in most of my browsers🥳