Resizing pae to fit screen


opera for andoid allows me to resize a page to fit the screen of my phone & tablet which makes it easier to read text in larger fonts; great for older and tired eyes

dont see where in brave such feature available, if not, suggest it be added, tx

Resizing page to fit screen

Hi @webmuzer,
If you open Brave on Android, open the menu (three dots at the top right) and go to “Settings”. From there, select “Accessibility”. From there you can:

  • Increase or decrease the size of text being displayed to your liking
  • “Force Enable Zoom” - meaning that if a website is trying to prevent you from zooming in (manually resizing your screen), Brave will override it and allow you to do it anyway
  • Enable “Simplified View” which displays webpages in a more clear cut, easy to digest view.

One of these options (or a combination of them) should allow you to read comfortably :slight_smile:
Hope this helps!


Downloaded to my Amazon fire tablet…via 1market…enabled allowing download from non Amazon app store…would not install properly…said installation failed…help appreciated …my tablet not running latest Android version…only version 4 something…tx


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