Resetting Windows 10, keeping all files and folder

Recently I was having trouble with my laptop freezing, so following online suggestions, I reset Windows 10, but clicked to keep all files and folders. I had thought I had backed up my hard drive, but when I looked it says I last did it in 2015. So what happened to the ones in between I don’t know. I was surprised when I checked that all my bookmarks had disappeared. I was really disappointed as I had some really important bookmarks. Windows haven’t been a help, I think because I’m using Brave browser, which I’m really happy with by the way.
I’m really hoping that my bookmarks are hidden somewhere I haven’t yet looked and also that someone knows this problem and can help me.

My Brave Version is 1.60.114 64 bit

Sorry, I’m not super savvy with technology, so I hope I’ve included enough information for someone to know what I’m trying to explain.
Thank you so much.

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