Resetting Brave doesnt work


Hi all!
I followed this guide: How to solve *almost* every problem after install
But every time I start the browser it starts with the same tabs open as before the wipe (pinned ones I cant unpin for some reason). Even after wiping it several times, I dont know whats going on…
I had sync on but disabled it before doing the wipe. Is there a newer or more complete guide to wipe brave settings/cache etc.?
Thanks you very much for reading!

os: win10 x64
Brave: 0.14.1


Actually you have deleted the wrong folder.

You need to delete %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\brave to delete the profile.

Sorry for the confusion!


thank you very much! now it even worked by just deleting that specific folder and w/o reinstall! #happy

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