Reset the two-year balance, invited people only from ads

All the coins that I have earned over the past two years by inviting people through the advertised site are gone.

First, the balance was reset to zero, and then letters to the mail with a login link stopped coming. I have never withdraw balance before, and this is my first attempt. All I did was just try to connect the Uphold and leave the site without registering when I saw that the balance was zero.

How can I now access my account if I am not receiving emails? And how can I restore balance? I ask administrators to contact me by mail.

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@steeven please, help me.

Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions

Are you referring coins earned and donated to your Creator account ?

Yes, sure, since 2019.

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Oh, sorry, I just don’t understand you.

I had only one account and refer users to you.

I never withdraw my balance.

But now I cannot join to my account, because I have not received email from you.

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So you are not receiving the login email after entering your credentials on ?


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Will you answer me something?

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Hi @RemNer - can you DM me your email? I can help to track down.

can help me please…

I writed you, please check your DM.

Anything info? All emails to support, where I was previously sent, closing this topic, have been ignoring my letters with a description of the problem for a month now.