Reset the two-year balance, invited people only from ads

All the coins that I have earned over the past two years by inviting people through the advertised site are gone.

First, the balance was reset to zero, and then letters to the mail with a login link stopped coming. I have never withdraw balance before, and this is my first attempt. All I did was just try to connect the Uphold and leave the site without registering when I saw that the balance was zero.

How can I now access my account if I am not receiving emails? And how can I restore balance? I ask administrators to contact me by mail.

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@steeven please, help me.

Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions

Are you referring coins earned and donated to your Creator account ?

Yes, sure, since 2019.

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Oh, sorry, I just don’t understand you.

I had only one account and refer users to you.

I never withdraw my balance.

But now I cannot join to my account, because I have not received email from you.

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So you are not receiving the login email after entering your credentials on ?


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Will you answer me something?

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Hi @RemNer - can you DM me your email? I can help to track down.

can help me please…

I writed you, please check your DM.

Anything info? All emails to support, where I was previously sent, closing this topic, have been ignoring my letters with a description of the problem for a month now.

It’s very sad that Brave doesn’t give me a mnemonic phrase or any other way to recover, except for authorization by email, to which they simply don’t send a letter. For 3 months now, I have not received any significant help, although I once advertised this project. They closed this topic and asked me to write in support. I wrote in support of blocked users, but she once ask something and after reply did not write any more. I wrote in support for those who do not receive a letter, but they generally ignored me. The only one who has shown at least some activity is @steeven, but he also seems too cannot help.

I will not recommend Brave to anyone else. It’s just a disgusting attitude towards the people who promoted it.

It is noteworthy that other topics have similar reasons.

More than 3 months have passed since I described my problem, but no one answered my letters, no one contacted or helped. Even @steeven, after receiving all the information, began to ignore. I finally became disillusioned with Brave, and I consider it a scam, because my trust was abused and denied access to funds (while admitting that I was not blocked, they simply stopped sending me letters for authorization). I lost my funds advertising this ****.

The forum asks me to choose a solution - my solution is to forget about it and never get involved with these scammers again.

You cannot call a decentralized wallet one that is tied to receiving a letter, does not have a seed-phrase, keystore files, private keys and any passwords.

Even if you do not lose access to email, you may stop receiving letters at any time. They will not even be in SPAM, and the moderator will say that your account no longer exists.

Even in the topic, they afraid to answer for a month when you mention them. The truth will surely win. Time will finish them.

HI @RemNer - as mentioned in the DM, there’s no history of a publishers account linked to the email that you provided. If there’s any additional information that you can provide to help track down your account, please do so in the DM.