Reset sync chain code

Good afternoon,

I have reason to believe that my sync chain code may be compromised; is there a way to reset the chain code without purging all of the data off of it?

If your sync chain was compromised, that means they’d have all your passwords and all. You speak about doing it without purging the data, but you’d need to be going in and changing all your passwords if it’s truly compromised. Otherwise you leave yourself open for attack.

Big question is how you think it was compromised. You shouldn’t ever have your sync phrase shared anywhere. People sharing places is part of why they have the sync phrase expire every 24 hours, but then too many people complained and they shared how to use old phrase again…which took away from the purpose of changing code.

Anyway, your best bet is to delete your sync account and start a new one. Keep in mind that your passwords and all will stay on your device. But definitely will want to replace all of your existing passwords if you think it’s been compromised.

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