Reset PIN (or entirely reset browser) on iOS

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Description of the issue:

I cannot reset Brave. I am locked out of using the Browser because I forgot the PIN I set for it a time ago. I cannot figure out how to reset the browser or the PIN.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install Brave long ago and set a pin you will inevitably forget.
  2. Become interested in using Brave again.
  3. Try to use Brave but not be able to get past pin.
  4. Delete App and App data from iOS settings.
  5. Restart iPhone.
  6. Become frustrated because after Brave app reinstall forgotten PIN lockout persists with no options to reset.

Expected result:

Brave should be reset to default settings.

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Mobile Device details

iOS 14.4.2

Additional Information:


I’m also having this exact problem, would love to know if there’s a solution to this as I currently cannot use Brave on my iOS device

Same here. Utterly frustrating. I can no longer unlock with fingerprint, and cannot remember the passcode. Can someone at Brave provide a solution please?

Hi @smarky, @charlies243920 and @Fed welcome to community :blush:

Unfortunately this is an issue we came across.
We have made a report of it to the dev team who are working on the matter.
I would like to forward you to this link: for further information.
We will work to resolve this issue.


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This issue is fixed, will be out in 1.26

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