Reset Laptop Reward Loose and April Rewards Pending

I have reset my laptop and when I again login my credentials in Brave my all earned BAT disappeared and also didn’t get my April rewards.

When you reset, remove and reinstall Brave or format a device, brave now recognizes that device as new and counts against your device limit. You also lose any rewards not yet transferred to a verified wallet.

Such a worst drawback of Brave!

You don’t have any credentials to log in Brave, users and passwords stored are from sites you surf in, your browser has a unique ID and if you uninstall it you loose your collected BATs. An option is to backup “AppData/Local/BraveSoftware/User Data” folder and replace it over a fresh reinstallation.

I have reset laptop (New widows installation) so cant get old data bro

Sorry, now it’s late, unless you’re able to recover the folder from a backup software or something there’s nothing else to do it.

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