Requests re block-autoplay controls


Two things. The first has probably already been asked, but I didn’t spot it on a quick scan.

This is on MacOS 10.12.5, Brave 0.16.9.

  1. Can we please get a setting to universally block autoplay instead of domain-by-domain whack-a-mole?

  2. I think it would make to sense to flip the controls. Currently, allow autoplay is to the left of disallow autoplay. This is the opposite of the controls for allowing and disallowing Flash, which I find confusing.

Ok, 3 things.

2b) Related, making the controls “Deny” and “Allow” (again, as for Flash) instead of “No” and “Yes” would be more clear to me. More than once, I’ve nearly clicked “Yes” with the feeling that I was confirming the “remember for this site” checkbox.



might want to add like a white list allowance to…

so as you visit a site that you trust and want flash etc just have a question… allow on white list or deny


The current settings is a universal block/allow. Currently the default setting is Always allow. You can change the setting to Always ask under security in preferences. When set to Always ask, any video/audio content on a page will trigger the notification bar.

There is an open issue for this

Issue logged for this suggestion


Right, but I’m not asking for “always ask.” I’m asking for “never allow,” so I don’t have to turn it off for every single domain that tries it.



Great idea! Added issue here :


Throwing a Me Too! to what Mr. wrote.