Requesting Video Downloadhelper


this extension is able to download and save offline videos from youtube and other video players.

Youtube Video Downloader and Quality adjuster

It is more relevant with this link since Brave is based on chrome and not Firefox :wink:


Sorry, forgot to att the request :grin:
Here is the link to it :smiley:


My favorite download extension…


yes would really like this ext too.


Same here, I use this frequently.


yup, if you have this, you dont need torrents.


Here is my favorite video downloader.

Very flexible and opensource.



Is it possible to download streaming with the brave browser?


For online downloader, I use catchvideo:
Yet it’s definite that catchvideo can’t download videos in batches and always fail to download 1080p videos.
If you don’t mind to spend time in installing program or add-ons, you can try this way:
It always works for me.


This doesn’t seem like it’s maintained enough - the last update was almost a year ago but it seems very popular. I’m trying to analyse which downloaders will be the best option for the Brave team to fork into the browser first.

For those of you who don’t know, it’s said that 'In enabling a particular extension, there is some checking to make sure it doesn’t compromise user security or privacy.'
Taking this into account, I figured wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could alleviate this stress for some members of the team later on, or relatively soon considering they’re working incredibly fast towards v1.0.0 as seen over here - - It’s really quite amazing seeing far they’ve come.

So I figured I could start a reasonable dialogue in the link below if you care to join in @krove @Jacalz @Geoplace @saiak @Eliteacum @kbit @rppf @tmilan @hawkeye116477 about an all round really good downloader - Youtube Video Downloader and Quality adjuster



how active is the site i really want this add on


You should try GetThemAll Video Downloader. It saw ALL files and links and could download ANYTHING! But, it has been taken down now. The CRX files are still online, though.