Requesting support for Chrome OS Linux with ARM processor

I am not sure of how to or where to direct my question. Thought I’d post here.

I have picked up a decent tablet Lenovo Duet. I have enabled Linux on it, however I am not able to install Brave due to, from what I gathered, the ARM processor it is utilizing.

I understand that I am able to install the Android version on it, but is is limited compared to the full version. Am I in the right place to request support for my awesome little tablet?

Thanks in advance.

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Apologies – when you say you “enabled Linux on it”, do you mean that you reformatted the device and installed a Linux OS?

I’m not sure if this helps, but i think it may be a start.

if your processor doesn’t run Memory Management Unit (MMU), processors without MMU can run a modified version of Linux called uClinux.

We currently only support the amd64/x86_64 architecture on Linux. We do hope to add arm64 support, but don’t have a timeline yet.

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