Requesting giving permissions to certain sites of your choice


Hey Brave staff, and community. Recently downloaded brave, and I really love it, it works well, blocks ads and trackers, and everything, but I have one request. I’d like it if you could add the feature to allow certain sites to show ads.

I have a few reasons for this.
1: there are respectable sites that have been very helpful to me, and they only get revenue from the one ad that they have at the bottom of their pages, and since I only use brave now, I can’t support them through their ad revenue.
2: streaming sites, specifically youtube and twitch. I know these sites have trackers on them, but I don’t see any harm in the ads that I see on them. I really wish that I could allow ads on these sites because I feel bad that there are some really great people working on these sites for the entertainment of people, and if I don’t see ads, they don’t get paid. While I am not a streamer or anything of the sort myself, I can imagine how much it would suck for people to take advantage of my services in a way that I don’t get any income, despite putting as much time and effort as I would into my job.

If you read this, and decide to make use of it, Thanks, I hope that I could make a difference for the better.


Hi @brockdh,

Thanks for your feedback and for using Brave! :lion:

Did you already check Brave shields? It’s lion icon in top-right. When you visit that site, you can click that icon and set it to Allow ads and tracking under Ad control section. Don’t worry, it’s only affect that site and leave others untouched.

In short, Brave shields is per site setting and setting under Preferences > Shields is for global setting.

Hope that clear enough. :slight_smile:

Did you know about Brave Payments? It’s allow you to give back to your favorite site even you block their ads. You can learn more about it/enable it via Preferences > Payments.

And this one is FAQ about Brave Payments.

IIRC, Brave also will support content creator in the future via Brave Payment.

Hope that can help answer your request.
Thank you,


Thanks for all the help, for now I’ll use brave shields, but I really do hope that someday brave can make ads available without the tracking if possible.