Requesting a New custodial wallet provider

Will we get another custodial wallet provider?
Uphold sucks and Gemini odesn’t support many countries.
This is BAD :frowning:


yes, please find another than uphold
uphold is worst. shows less price for everything .
Uphold == Loss


any @admin please? we want you to solve this fast

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This will not be resolved quickly. It takes many months to work out all of the arrangements for a new custodial wallet provider, program it into the browser, etc., and even then it will not be released worldwide for a while. I’m not sure they’re even looking at additional custodial wallet providers at this time.


@rosiecar has a good answer here.

These types of deals with different wallet custodians – as well as the work that goes into implementing it into the browser – is not trivial. While we will likely add additional custodial providers in the future, it is not as simple as “flipping a switch”. It is a long, complicated process that involves all aspects of the team (business, biz dev, product, design, engineering, privacy, etc).

Unfortunately no matter what we do, we will likely never be able to satisfy every single user’s wishes/requests for a specific provider(s), but we are doing the best we can and will continue to make Rewards more accessible for users worldwide.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.


The available ones are fine. Issue with them is, that they dont operate everywhere. For example. If you were a new user from germany, both gemini and uphold currently dont allow account creation for new users.
Uphold users from germany that had an account from before the change are still able to use it fine though.

If ever Coinbase would be taken under consideration, many people would be happy I think.

yeah gemini has NO support and NO idea what lifes like in rural areas also… its bad. they have my info and just ghosted me a few weeks ago cuz my camera didnt take a super clear shot (its a 6 year old phone so daaa its not great)

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i tried signing up for gemini myself but it wouldnt accept my passport even though my country is supported. Messaged their support staff about the issue but they didnt help at all. They just closed my account great customer service btw i just hope upholds 4 device limit is resolved soon because im currently earning bat but not recieving any payouts to my uphold.

As a software developer I understand those things.
I just wanted to do a suggestion. That’s all.
Anyway thanks for the reply.

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no problem with uphold
just remove the limit of 4 devices thats the majority wants
consider you linked 1 android/ios then when you buy new one then only 3 chance left
and you have linux so after new release, to update it everytime you will lose remaining chances
and no one will use old phone after they buy new phone just for rewards

Yes – and consider that with no limit, somebody (or some group) installs Brave/enables Rewards on several devices (or virtual machines) that they don’t actually use, just to farm Rewards? Is that fair to you or any other user who is legitimately using the browser and earning Rewards as intended?

The limit is there for a reason and it is unlikely that it will be removed.


Then put 4 devices limit for 6 Months / Year

We already have a plan to handle this in the works. We appreciate your patience.


It is better for them to not announce anything than repeat the Coinbase lie.

approx date for update?

When it’s ready which should be soon – I do not have an exact date to give.

If you really desperately want to check, you can check here.

It will not tell you when it is ready though.

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