Request to remove the "X" close buttons on tabs


Hi there.

Feature request: please provide the option to remove the close buttons (the “X” buttons) on other tabs.

Reason is, they’re like little land mines, when I have many tabs open. I often click to a different tab, and find myself accidentally closing the page I wanted to go to, because I made the mistake of clicking in the right-side part of the tab where the “X” pops up in.

When there are many tabs open, and the tab bars become small in width, it becomes difficult to avoid clicking on this dangerous area!

Thanks for reading this!

Can we make an undo button for when you close a tab by accident?

sorry for the inconvenience. the team is working on the responsiveness of the tabs on the bar, including the issue you are experiencing. please hang tight, best


also tab performance should be better on 0.21. We’ve been working on the Brave Payments recently, but since that is going to be implemented, the performance issues including this one should be worked on, thanks.

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