Request to remove the tab-popout feature


Please remove the tab pop-out-to-a-new-browser feature, or allow us to disable it. I am frequently doing it by accident. Brave also remembers were the last window closed and opens there next time, so if after every time I have to carefully place the new window in the exact wanted place before closing it, frustratingly requiring more time (otherwise the next time Brave is run the window will open in the odd place that pop-out was last closed.)


I’m frequently having the same problem.

If I’m careful, I can move a tab in between other tabs. It’s a little hard to see the visual aid showing the slot the tab will be moved into, but it can be done.

When I try to move a tab to the rightmost position, though, more than half the time I wind up pulling that tab into a whole new browser window. I thought maybe it was just me, but I’ve seen a number of posts here saying something similar.

I believe this has already been reported (though I can’t find the original change request). Some kind of assistance may even be in work already. This would be a Good Thing. :slight_smile:



p.s. Seriously, this ‘feature’ is horrible, I do it accidentally 5 times a day. Optionally you could make it so the tab has to be dragged further out for it to happen. Also just trying to re-order the tabs by dragging one over often pops it out into a new window. Ugh!


the option to disable that is under consideration


I’d prefer we were just able to pop it back into the original window. Is there some reason that’s not possible?


@Flatfingers, you can drag the tab to the original window and drop it before + button in tabs bar or in between tabs.


I don’t see how this is possible; you are dragging a window over another window. The tab pops out into a whole new instance of brave and it is its own window, so when you grab that and drag it anywhere, you’re just dragging a whole window around over whatever window(s) are now the backdrop. You can’t aim it to drop it between tabs of a background window.


Is it impossible to drag the tab, not the window?


The tab becomes a window. The tab is gone and you have a new brave browser window. So now you have TWO instances of brave windows.


I’m not quite sure about this. would you please take a screenshot with LICECap (


Sure. I’ll do that in a sec, but all you have to do is grab a tab, drag it downward slightly and release it to see what happens.



(it won’t let me post two pics as a ‘new user’, so see next reply for after pic.)



When you’re TRYING to do it, it doesn’t seem all too easy to do by mistake, but for some reason when you’re clicking a tab and your mouse moves a bit it will pop it out like this. Happens multiple times a day for me. All I did here was click and hold the twitter tab, drag it down a bit and release it, whereupon it becomes it’s own window.


So maybe you do not see the “free” space like this, do you?



Yes, I can do that. But that’s not the issue I’m having problems with.


Totally agree.
Especially annoying is when you have pinned tabs, then you can’t simply put the tab back in, you still have to clean up the remaining window.
Just this issue means I can’t advise anyone to use Brave.


So your issue is:

  1. Open Request to remove the tab-popout feature in a new tab
  2. Drag the tab out of the tabs bar

Actual result: a new window with appears with the twitter home page, losing that tab

Expected result: the tab should be displayed instead of the twitter home page



No suguru. Erase all that from your mind and start over. (And I don’t know what WouterVos meant since I don’t use pinned tabs.)

The problem: It is too easy for tabs to pop out into new windows. Either let us disable the feature altogether, or make it so the tab has to be dragged further from the tab-bar to pop out into its own window.

Example: In my daily use I have lots of tabs and I am constantly clicking thru them to bring them to the fore, and in doing this far too often what happens is a tab is popped out and becomes a new window, which leaves you with two brave instances, one with all your tabs minus the one that popped out, and the new brave window that now holds the page that was once tabbed. (BTW, this new page instance is buggy too, which I’m not going to get into here, but you can’t bring up right-mouse-menu on it.)


Constantly having this issue since installing and trying out brave. Please for the love of everything holy give us an option to disable this useless feature. Please :frowning: Hard to recommend the browser to anyone on functionality when functionality is non existent.


@suguru I may have figured this out.

I think it happens when the drag starts right above the bottom of the tab row.
At that point you only need to drag a tiny distance to drag the tab below the tab row.
And Brave probably recognizes that as having dragged the tab outside it’s own region, causing it to pop into a new window.

Add a check to the detectPopoutFeature; the pop-out is only valid when the number of pixels it’s been dragged in vertical direction is above a minimum.

  • Just consider drag distance in vertical direction.
  • Potentially make this distance configurable
  • This check is in addition to the check you guys already do to verify whether the mouse has left it’s own area.

Testing steps:

  1. Drag a tab around within it’s own area and make sure it doesn’t pop-out so long the mouse is released within the original tab area.
  2. Grab a tab at it’s bottom, drag it just below it’s own bottom and verify that it doesn’t pop-out.
  3. Grab a tab at it’s bottom, drag it below it’s own bottom at the maximum configured distance and verify that it doesn’t pop-out.
  4. Grab a tab at it’s top, drag it just above it’s own top and verify that it doesn’t pop-out.
  5. Grab a tab at it’s top, drag it above it’s own top at the maximum configured distance and verify that it doesn’t pop-out.
  6. Grab a tab at it’s bottom, drag it outside it’s own region, outside the maximum configured distance and verify that it does pop-out.

The reason this is super annoying is the following scenario happens a lot:

  1. A user grabs a tab to switch to it.
  2. While clicking the tab the mouse accidentally drags just a bit lower.
  3. In cases where the tab is grabbed at it’s bottom it will be popped out into a new window.

I’ve since trained myself to avoid this problem.
But it’s extremely annoying and I cannot advise anyone to use Brave so long as this bug exists.

Edit: I forgot this issue applies to moving tabs around as well, because I gave up on the concept of changing the tab order in Brave because of this bug. So I haven’t attempted to move a tab in a long time. Since we don’t have a problem with tabs popping out while just moving them horizontally (no vertical movement); I changed the solution to only consider the change in y-value.