Request to Bring Back and Clean Up the Right-Click New Tab Menu UI

The menu that appears when using the previous version of Brave was beautiful. Clean, simple, easy to read. The one in Brave Beta is a bit ugly, and has a lot of seemingly unnecessary items. The good stuff is missing (new session, new private tab, new private tab with tor, new window). It took me a while to discover how to open a new tor tab, which is in an odd location (mentioned in another one of my posts).

I also noticed in some areas of the UI “incognito” is used instead of “private”. Just mentioning it for the sake of consistency. If not already planned, it’d be great to have these different tab types share the same window like the previous Brave version rather than opening new windows.

These are planned for future release but not on the priority list right now. You can see the timeline of things that are being implemented here

Issue already tracked here

Having session tabs/private tabs/Tor tabs in the same window is on the roadmap but not on priority list. For now its going to be in separate windows.

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Hi, I just want to double down on the subject “session windows”. I just installed the beta and discovered it was gone. To me, those were really handy to log in multiple accounts on the same website (Twitter for example) and on the same window. I see there is the Chrome’s Person mode but it’s not the same regards agility to navigate between accounts on the same tab vs. accounts in different windows.

Hi @rhamses,
We want session windows too!