Request of "SimpleFill" extension


I fully understand your rules and why you have them and agree to it all.
I have checked and searched these posts and your other lists and did not find this extension. That is not to say I did not miss it and if I did, I apologize.

SimpleFill by ram swaroop
This is currently a Firefox extension (is it ok to say “Firefox” here? heheh)
You create the database of fill text. Basically whatever you want. Single lines. It saves to a small database file that you can copy to another location for safe keeping.
You right-click the form line such as First Name.
Select SimpleFill.
Select the correct item in the list you have created.
When it is selected, it will fill in what you set into the field of the form.

This extension is extremely simple and handy as all get out! Now that I am changing over to Brave, I would love to see it.

The SimpleFill website is:

–Dan Morgan

The list of the requested extensions

Thanks, I added the suggestion to The list of the requested extensions :smile: