Request new language on Transiflex


Today I requested Irish to be translated on Brave. I would like to get to work on this straight away. I am on the teams that translates Telegram and Minecraft into Irish also.
How long might it take for Irish to be approved?

Is everything for the browser UI to be translated here?


@eljuno might you be able to approve the request? Regards.

cc @Mattches for additional help

@Mattches Would it be possible for Irish to be approved on Transifex?

Sorry for the late reply – I’ve forwarded this request to the relevant team members for review. Hope to have more information for you soon.

Hi @Mattches,
Is it still possible to get Irish approved on Transifex. I wonder if I can be approved as a team member for this language also. ponxi is also my username on Transifex.

Many thanks.

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