Request: Fullscreen Option


Have already requested this by email, was directed to post this here. See attached gif, requesting full screen option displayed in the attached gif.

Enjoying browsing with Brave, kudos to all.


Is the function in the gif animation just mockup, or did you implement by yourself already? :-o


A mockup sent to my by someone from Brave. Hoping it can be implemented.


Yes please! Please.
The idea of the full screen view is that the content gets to use the full screen.


I’d like to up vote this.


As a Google Chrome user who just recently switched to Brave browser, it would be very great to have this feature be implemented.


I like this idea too. Fullscreen that hides the top search and tab bar would be a great feature for reading articles and books online without having those two sections at the top kinda subtly distracting me. It’s a small feature but a great feature nonetheless, a true “fullscreen” window mode, just the webpage and nothing more.


Another up vote from me.