Request for Don't Remember History and/or Always Browse in Private Tab


My primary and favorite browser is currently Firefox. I’m trying to move over to Brave for its speed and usability, so naturally I do a lot of comparisons between the two browsers of my favorite features.

One such feature is the option to “Never Remember History”. I know the “delete history on close/exit” has been requested to death, but this is slightly different. Firefox does not remember any history in your session as you’re browsing which I much prefer over waiting for the browser to close to clean up after itself.

Similarly, is the ability to always browse in private mode/tabs. This is without the need to manually open a private tab first. If Brave could be set in settings or via a shortcut switch to always launch in a private tab, then the “Never Remember History” wouldn’t even technically need to be an option. This should probably also be configurable such as the folks that like to always use Tor, they could have Brave always launch with a Tor tab instead of having to manually open one when they start their session.

Always open in incognito mode or shortcut to open a tab in incognito mode

This can be achieved by adding --incognito at the end for windows shortcut or brave-browser-beta --incognito on Linux.

Regarding Tor there are a few issue that might be worth having a look


Awesome, thank you for the info about the shortcut parameter @sriram! Are there plans to add this to the UI vs. having to adjust the shortcut?


How would you rename the shortcut for permanent incognito on OSX?


@unab0mb Never remember history is basically Private windows. Making it default is currently not planned as it can be easily launched and with the command line switch user has the control to use it or change back.

Looping in @LaurenWags for command line switch on OSX