Request for a new auto-contribute settings option

I would very much like a settings option for Brave rewards to require auto-contribute first asking me to check if and who I want to give my rewards to.
Currently, I can only delete a channel from the list and the only way to reverse that is to reverse ALL the deleted sites, which took me months to compile.
I want rewards to give me a pop-up once a month before auto-contributing where I can select the sites I like to support (or unselect all to save the rewards for later).



This is an interesting idea but isn’t the purpose of the AC table.
If you want to donate only to a specific set of sites each month, you’re better off using the Monthly recurring tip option.

The auto-contribute table divides your total monthly budget evenly across the sites you accrue attention on. That is, the sites you’re most frequently engaged with will appear on your ac with higher percentages than others. This makes the order of operations here:

  1. Opt-in to Rewards
  2. Set your AC settings to your liking
  3. Browse sites you enjoy and watch them accrue Attention
  4. Donate to these sites automatically at the end of the month contribution date

It seems as though your request is to manually decide which sites are getting your contribution from your auto[matic] contribution table. I believe this defeats the purpose of the table itself.

You mention

This is actually not true. If you visit a site that’s been excluded from your AC table and open the Rewards panel, you should see a toggle to include/exclude the site:

If you navigate to Rewards Settings --> Auto-contribute --> Show all, you can view a list of all sites included and from your AC table. Here, you can remove sites from either list.

So if there are sites that have been excluded that you’d like to “re-include”, you can do so by using either of these options.
Hope this helps!

@Mattches you’re right that I can re-include these sites by visiting them and re-enabling them via the rewards panel. I forgot about that. It’s a little complicated for my purpose though (see below):

My other point still stands and judging by the 4 likes I received, I’m probably not the only one.
I like about auto-contribute that I get an overview over which sites I visited how much but often-times I visit sites that I do not want to support and they end up in the auto-contribution.
If you don’t like my suggestion for auto-contribute, would the following be an alternative?:
Keep auto-contribute as it is but give us an additional option to disable auto-contribute while still getting the site-statistics. You could call it “attention tracker” or whatever and have it as a separate switch in the rewards settings overview.
It could automatically be turned on when auto-contribute is turned on but we’d have the option to turn Auto-Contribute off yet still switch Attention-Tracker on.

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Most of what you’re describing sounds more like usage/browsing statistics as opposed to an additional feature to auto-contribute.

If you want to know how much attention an y particular site(s) have accrued during the contribution period, you can view sites that are both Included and Excluded from AC table. However, what you’re suggesting would mean that sites that you don’t wish to contribute to will still need to be monitored for attention, and that attention subsequently stored/displayed.

If you already know you don’t want to contribute to them then having the feature you describe wouldn’t be much different than what we have now other than the fact that you get to see how much Attention has accrued for any/all sites during this period – which brings us back to my initial point, that this seems more like a metric/stat rather than a feature.

Here are a few things to try/consider:

  • Adjust your AC settings appropriately – often sites will be added because they were visited 1 time, but an article was read on that site (for example), which took a couple minutes to read. This will land it, under default settings, in the AC table. This can be avoided by adjusting the Minimum visits for publisher relevancy option and Minimum page time before logging a visit accordingly.
  • While I can’t speak for you (or anyone really), many sites accidentally added tend to be ones not-yet-verified by Brave (obviously, given that there are far more sites to visit than there are Brave publishers…for now!). Unchecking this box (also in Rewards Settings) will stop the browser from adding non-verified sites to the table which should help the situation, especially if used in tandem with the other Rewards settings.

I apologize if this is coming off as “stonewall-y” or discouraging – this is certainly not my intent. But I do think its important that, while we’re still growing, features like this (and many other’s that have been suggested) will have to take a bit of a back seat if they lean more towards being “cool/interesting” vs if they’re more functional and/or increase usability or ease of access (in addition to the considerations that come along with adding any new feature already).

If I’ve misconstrued your request or am off base, please let me know. Always down to have these friendly discussions :slight_smile:

No, thanks for your lengthy reply. It isn’t a necessary feature and I didn’t expect it to be implemented ASAP. On the contrary - I’d like you to not implement this until Tor mode and other stuff is fixed. It’s simply something that I often feel like it would be good to have as a feature and I thought I suggest it and if you like the idea you add it on the to-do-list somewhere fitting priority-wise.

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I believe this would be a good stat to include alongside the ones already displayed in the new tab page.

Regardless, great feedback – keep it coming :slight_smile: