Request Feature _ Pin Tab_ Feature reconstructed

Reconstruct Pin Tab Feature,
To lock Tab as currently, but more productively this lock tab feature could the allow tab to be hibernated and make all links open in a new tab, as well and inverting tab color scheme. Side feature would be to incorporate an available icon of the page base to the tab.

This will make the lock tab feature more productive and less arbitrary. the fact that we can simply pull tabs out of the reopen close tab, makes pin tabs a bloat feature, if not feeble.

Thank you for your time .

They are implementing and polishing a feature called Shared Pinned tabs, you pin a tab, it will be shared across all windows, which is an improvement on what Chromium offers.

Brave is still a fork, any big change will be required to be maintained, which means making simple changes is better than making things complicated as you suggest, that nobody will really use, because I don’t see how your suggestion will make things more productive.

But, Tabs can be hibernated/Freeze already, you add them to a group and you collapse the group and done, they will be frozen, unless they are playing video or have a notification permission set to on.

And color schemes, well, doesn’t make much sense, and you can easily use Adblocker for that on any page anyway, and eventually, Brave has to add a setting to exclude sites from getting the automatic dark mode.

In the end, Pinned times was always a to have tabs always available first, then avoid accidentally close them and save space on the width, so adding features like you say will totally change those tabs, making this less productive because now you can’t use pinned tabs to do basic things, that’s why Shared Pinned tabs is something that will help people rather than changing things for the sake of change.