Request Extension Self-Destructing Cookies


Hi there.

I am deerly missing the extension "Self-Destructing Cookies"

Why is this useful to me?

I am a user that has many browser windows with many tabs in them permanently open, distributed across several virtual desktops. I seldomly close the browser application, because I only send my computer to sleep and wake it up when resuming work. So cookies that normally would be erased when I restart the browser just stay there and are being used to profile, track and spy on me.

The extension self-destructing cookies offers you to get rid of all cookies placed inside the lifespan of a browser tab.
For example, when I open up a new tab and visit google search they place their their cookies. When I am done with the search I close the browser tab and alle cookies connected with this tab are deleted a few seconds later - automatically!

This is great. You have the uncrippled functionality of a website (because you don’t block cookies right away) but as soon as you are done with this website inside the tab, your cookies are erased and they will not be misused to track you.



Please see this: [Closed] Cookie management as per Firefox add-on Self-Destructing Cookies


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