Request: Decentraleyes


Is there at least a request on github for a user script manager or the Decentraleyes and TinEye Reverse Image Search extensions.

Definitely second, TinEye or “WhoStoleMyPictures”. I am really enjoying the experience on Brave, just really miss my reverse image search.

Look around in the extensions part of this community - we’ve asked for decentraleyes before.

Yeah I later saw a thread here and I can see it was logged in a github project of extension requests.

Brave’s homepage is pretty explicit about data (and money) saving and page load speed.
Based on prior experience with the decentraleyes extension/add-on in another browser on another platform, brave’s advertised decreased page load times will likely drop even further, which they can take to the proverbial bank. Just concerned about how it integrates with extensions already in place like the torrenting or the payments structure. And if the existing shields have to be sacrificed for that speed, that’s a no-go for me. Something’s always got to give, right?

Decentraleyes will probably have issues with Braves script blocker, Brave is also probably missing extension apis as well.