Request: Broadcom Crystal HD Support

I want to request support for the Broadcom Crystal HD Decoder card. And what is that? A add in mini pcie card mainly for older and underpowered laptops allowing them to play smooth 1080p video

As to why i think this should be added.

1: It would allow older hardware to still be used and not simply thrown away reducing E-waste because lets be real a pc not capable of playing video is basically useless and will get thrown away. At least those pc’s that this concerns. which are older computers that would mainly be used for web browsing and video viewing.

2: Brave would be the only browser to my knowledge supporting it thus those that have a pc equipped with this card would use Brave as a browser, and more users is always good, right?

3: Even though the card was made for computers that can’t decode H.264 on their own, the card also reduces cpu usage on older laptops that can decode H.264 but uses a lot of cpu power to do it increasing overall usability of such a pc.

4: It would make sites like youtube feel a whole lot snappier and usable on machines that can’t really deal with H.264 on their own.

5: i just really want to see support for it as it has the potential to give older computers more life.

Now how would this be done? Well my 5 cents is it would have to be programmed so it forces video players to use H.264 when a Crystal HD card is detected as it can’t deal with newer standards like VP8 / VP9.

So to conclude, i think adding support for it would be great, it would keep older hardware usable for longer as browsing / video watching machines. You would get more users even if perhaps not that many. And lastly it’s just a request and i totally understand if you don’t think it is worth adding support for. But thank you for your time.

Not really a browser issue, but you can change gfx priorities within Windows itself. For example I have 2 graphics devices, one AMD and one Nvidia. and changed the default preferences. In the graphics settings. Can dig a little more later.

Which is something like this, and the case of the Broadcom Crystal HD Decoder card you make that the default for apps.

I have just tried to go into windows graphics settings and Crystal HD does not show up in there as a valid graphics unit which makes sense as it’s a video decoder only, not a graphics card.
But thanks for the suggestion and help :slight_smile: