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Currently Brave Search is not yet very relevant… and I think it could improve with the addition of small squares of information that can be found in other search engines (for example information on a known personality, or the integrated calculator tool, …) without having to click on a link, directly integrated in the search engine.

This is already the case for some things, but I noticed that the address search was not up-to-date, and I find it a real shame. The address searches I do on the internet are private and that’s why I use Brave Search, but the results are not very relevant.

That’s why I suggest a small info sheet on the side when you search for an address. Here is a demonstration of what it could do, I made a little editing… Some search engines already do it and so much the better, but Brave’s should be improved. Of course it would make sense to me to use OpenStreetMap to locate the address for privacy reasons.

Have a nice day! :lion:

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The small squares are called widgets.

I agree that brave search does not have enough widgets for different purposes like other search engines.

It needs improvement in this particular sector.

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Absolutely, I also have a suggestion concerning its widgets concerning the weather which does not always appear according to the formulation of our research and I find that a pity… should I open another topic to announce it?