Reporting remaining ads

Hi. I visit some sites that still show a ton of ads. is there any way to report it so they can also be blocked?

@mojtaba_rz check out How come I’m still seeing ads?, especially Step 2: Reporting part of it.

You may also want to check out my suggestion for What are the best settings for Shields?

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Which sites @mojtaba_rz ?

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Sites like:

I have turned PersianBlocker on, but there are still ads. I wish there was an easier way to report sites with ads, like in the right-click context menu.


Update your filterlists.

For, we need this:

می‌تونی تبلیغات رو اینجا یا توی گروه تلگرامی @PersianBlocker گزارش بدی :slight_smile:

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