Reporting "bugs"


Just thought I would report a few “bugs” that have occurred. So far, I really like the Brave browser and encourage its further development.

I am running Windows 10 on my laptop and Windows 7 on my PC.
The Windows 10 most of the time runs well. Every now and then Brave will freeze and I have to restart Brave. So far I cannot connect that to any event but will continue to watch it.
However, the Windows 7 machine is having issues. The main issue is that all the icons are not there. You can see from the screenshot here:
Secondly, I have pinned 3 tabs - Facebook, Bing, our website as you can see from the screenshot. I can work without problems with 3 other tabs open, but when I open more tabs, say another couple making 5 open, then when I close out each tab individually, two will close without problem but the last 3 will not close and freezes Brave to the place I have to restart the browser.
I was not sure whether this had been reported before or not so just letting you know. Thanks


Please also post your Brave information from the about:Brave page.


Are you able to switch to these tabs when all the 5 tabs are open?


Yes I am able to switch to them but the page is frozen as well - can’t navigate.


Here is the link to my Brave About page -


I use Brave on all my stuff. A design problem has surfaced, and it’s true for all versions. Workarounds are available for other versions but Android.

Occasionally, especially on the Android version, I get locked from a page-redirect. We’ve all seen those. The problem is, I cannot reach the Sub-menu while the page is locked by the malicious redirect.

You cannot shut down Brave, clear with Android CCleaner, then restart with a clean Brave. The malicious redirect remains. Starting Brave and having enough time to get to Braves menu, to clear this malicious crud, is illusive, and always impossible.

Would be nice if Brave had an external cleaning tool, so that this kind of problem can be overcome.

And no, Brave does not spot this type of redirect as blocked malware, so the user gets jammed, without recourse. I have been forced to remove Brave from my Android device, until there is a foolproof method to circumvent this kind of problem.


Thanks for reporting this. Cc: @Serg re: Android for visibility.

@KD7BWB do you have an example of a domain with the redirect you mention that we can use to attempt to reproduce? That would be really helpful, since it sounds like it is not a standard redirect as you’ve described.

If it is a malicious redirect URL, we should block it but need to evaluate and reproduce to be certain.

Thanks again for reporting.


I ran into the last one at a reliable and normally fairly clean streaming site <>, at one of its actual delivery pages for an anime called “Hajimete No Gal”.

Title is immaterial, any anime will do. If I were the author of the redirect, I’d serve them via rotating table redirected malware advertising. Meaning the methods and exact scripting would vary.

This is why I’m recommending an external tool for Brave cache cleaning. This is how IOS based Safari is handled on iPhones and iPads. The Safari app has tool entry in the IOS Settings control Panel, where a definitive cache clearing routine is available.

This prevents maliciously crafted stuff in the Safari cache from blocking out command-table tasks from stopping access. It is foolproof, and reliable.

Working on Brave ad-blocking on a script-by-script basis will prove to be fruitless on this kind of problem. Fix this at the source. Stop it at the cache data folder.

Until this is fixed, I will not be able to use Brave on Android. The system itself does not lend itself to a scripting level solution, from inside the app. This kind of malware is crafted to prevent you from a proper catalogue to stop it. Other implementations of Brave, are on systems where the tools are fast enough to overcome the script-blocks. Android is not written to allow the user to stop this problem, unless Brave itself refuses to execute any cache data, long enough to allow the user to get to the menu item to flush its cache. 2-5 seconds would be enough, in most cases. But how to do that without messing with the command multitasking for keyboard vs operating cache-data is difficult.

Enough for now, good luck!


@KD7BWB we are going to implement an option to close all tabs on exit. I think it will help in your case. However I could not reproduce it on the website provided and I could not find that anime on it “Hajimete No Gal”. Thanks.


I’m closing this thread because it’s too generic and ranging all over Android and Windows and talking about multiple bugs at the same time.

Separate threads should be opened to talk about bugs on a per-issue basis so we don’t get have a fix-all-the-bugs-ever megathread :smile:

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