Reporting a Scam/Phishing Site

There is a site posing as Merchant Token using Brave Browser to post advert offering Bonus Tokens Url is note that there is a hyphen in the middle this site scammed me out of 277 dollars I hope this has not happened to others. BE CAREFUL

Hello, @Jonelia. Where did you see this URL advertised?

Hi Sampsun, URL is posted on Merchant Token Official Channel on Telegram , Item posted with scam URL on 21st May Headed Merchant Token Announcement for Non existent bonus tokens.I and I think many others have been cheated. The announcement is still showing on the channel even though I have complained to the genuine Merchant Token site which does not contain a hyphen in the middle, Many thanks for your message and Kin Regards John Dalton User name = Jonelia

Hi Sampson, As update to previous email have enclosed a copy of Anouncment with Fake URL Regards John Dalton. Merchant Token Official Channel, [21.05.21 21:11]
Merchant token Announcement

Phase 3 :rocket:

The last chance !!!

Today marks yet another exciting milestone for Merchant Token
Take advantage of a new pre-sale.

What is this sale? Due to the huge demand, we have created three bonus phases, giving those of you who have not yet purchased the opportunity to access our merchant token at a reduced price.
Phase 1: $ 0.67
Phase 2: $ 0.71
Phase 3 :blush: 0.75

How to participate?

  1. Visit the official sales website:

  2. Follow the instructions to enter the pool and receive your MTO tokens.

1 MTO = $0.75
Minimum Allocation: 0.01 ETH
Maximum Allocation: 5 ETH
Phase 1 limit: 300 000,000 $MTO
Phase 2 limit: 380 000 $MTO
Phase 3 limit : 400 000 $MTO

Thank you for the additional information. Your first post mentioned “a site posing as Merchant Token using Brave Browser to post advert,” which had me concerned. Did you see a Brave Ad encouraging people to visit this URL? Or was the URL only found in a Telegram channel?

Hi when I clicked on the URL in telegram post I was redirected to the brave browser, Regards John

I’ll tell you a secret: When you click a link in third-party applications, the default Browser always opens.
If money was stolen from you because you opened a link, this does not mean that the browser is to blame.

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This URL has been added to our malicious site list for users of Brave’s built-in wallet. Thank you for reporting this information, @Jonelia!