Report of BAT manipulation

Hello I have an issue am trying to raise here please kindly get to the matte as soon as possible There a person who’s is claiming to working with uphold he is moving university by university registering and creating emails for uphold and uploading students ids but on checking on one of the the most emails he has created for these guys on their behalf he is using their documents to claim BAT tokens recieved as rewards am sure he is now close to 500 students he has already registered could you be aware of such program or this activity he is trying to do to be legit since on uploading these papers there direct claim of these rewards of which he is sending these tokens to his own account thank you so much :blush:

I think you should report him to uphold for impersonating other people

@Mattches @steeven @sampson

this is concerning
would upvote if I could because I don’t want to like this
so ill just say +1

Do you know who this person is/what their uphold email is?

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