Report a bug should be a real option, not a “force you to sign up and create a topic in a community”

Yeah hi, your browser is not functioning properly. The “block popup” feature doesn’t work. Every website I go to seems to inexplicably avoid the “block popup” even when it’s clearly toggled to ON. I am very tired of trying to close these popups only to inevitably click on them and LOAD a webpage I don’t want due to the X being oh so very small. When I first got this smartphone app roughly a year ago it worked great, no ads, no random popups with tiny X’s, completely blissful browsing… Now all I’m seeing are PROMOTED ADS when I search (not that annoying), ads all over my yahoo mail (annoying but dismissible), and POPUPS EVERYWHERE (not avoidable and beyond annoying, down right frustrating and anger inducing). Could YOU the developer get off your butts and fix it so that your browser ACTUALLY STOPS popups. I don’t have access to a free computer at the library right now so I’m using a friggin smartphone to to websurf and it is really crappy that this is the ONLY browser that is preventing ads from playing during video’s (which IS awesome by the way), but still allows for popups to run amuck everywhere else.

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