"Reply" Buttons Not Active On Sandboxie Forum With Brave

See my post at the bottom of this tread on the Sandboxie forum explaining that their error panel -with appears in Chrome- does not appear in Brave, but that their “Reply” buttons are not active in Brave:

Fixed. But as I stated, they’re using a tracker on the reply buttons.

Yes, thank you much. I noticed I can now surf with Brave sandboxed without issues. Even the “Could not…” messages Sandboxie gives in Chrome to say it failed to hook something do not appear in Brave. (I have no idea what those “Could not” messages mean for sandbox safety, but am sure not going to worry about that now as they don’t appear with Brave.)
Changing settings or add or change passwords etc. in Brave I have to do unsandboxed, because the changes don’t “stick” otherwise, as Sandboxie the way I have it does not allow those changes to remain. But that’s fine with me. After I made a change unsandboxed, next time I open Brave sandboxed agoin for surfing.

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