Replace existing webpage ads directly instead of using system notifications?

I love the privacy and idea of the Brave browser. I’m a young, tech industry individual (target audience?) - and have probably recommended this browser to a dozen people.

But, after about a month - I’m getting fatigued. Fatigued from always needing to use my mouse, or my finger (on mobile) to dismiss the system notifications that Brave uses for ads. In my opinion, brave system notification ads are significantly more disruptive and distracting than the standard webpage embedded ads because they are separate from the webpage and require manual intervention to get rid of them. I have all the brave default settings (I think just 2 ads an hour).

Standard embedded webpage notifications require no action to dismiss - which makes them easier to ignore when I don’t have any interest in them.

I’m considering going back to Chrome simply because I’m tired of manually dismissing ad notifications. I can’t imagine I’m the only one with this complaint.

Can/Is Brave look(ing) into moving away from system notification ads and trying to work with embedded page ads? Or maybe considering an auto-dismiss feature on ads?

I know that I can turn off Brave ads - but I dont know if that’s a long term solution. I’d like to still support content creators with my browser, without needing to develop an RSI from flicking mobile notifications or closing desktop notifications (exaggeration of course).

Thanks for listening.