Repeated failures in the office of the referral system. Incorrect display of downloads. (Error 503 ?)

Hey. It is difficult to prove and achieve something, but I will try.
From January 3 to January 13, my office incorrectly displayed download and installation statistics. And from 10 to 13 completely zeroed everything. This is called Issue # 3: Missing referral downloads from Creators dashboard. Yesterday, namely February 25, I finally received my missing payments. (from 10 to 13) Hurray !!!
But with the solution to my old problems, I got new ones. Since yesterday, my office has ceased to function normally. If before this the statistics were updated every hour, now it happens once a day. But it’s not a problem. EVERYTHING IS SIMPLE - I AGAIN STARTED TO CUT down installations and downloads. They simply do not accrue, as if they were not.
You must understand that I have been promoting this browser for over 8 months. I go to my office 3-4-5 times every day for statistics, and I also keep statistics from all my sources of attracting an audience. And I can see with my naked eye that my statistics are artificially underestimated.
In order not to be unfounded, I will give a couple of screenshots from my group and one of my videos.

  1. screen statistics of my group. It shows that over the past two weeks, the number of unique views in the same place. those. all is well
  2. screenshots of the statistics of my video. It can be seen from them that video views are steadily growing and there are no glitches. indicators fell slightly, as in our country there were 3 days of the holiday, and yesterday 1 working day. This is a standard situation, fixed for the weekend.
  3. the screen of my office, where the statistics VERY STRONGLY sagged. It can be seen that over the same period, the indicators are very different.

As I understand it, this is due to error 503, since there have been many hits on this topic.


Hi @Dushniy - thanks a bunch for reporting in such detail. I can pass this onto our Stats team. Can you DM me the email linked to your account? Thank you in advance.

new problem.

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I am getting this as well. 0 downloads for the past 10 days or so.

Me too

I counted ROI and conversion cost on my main channels and I found that without any changes conversion cost increases after 13 february more than twice. Number of installs decreases more than twice. I thinked before it’s because of other competitors, now I investigated profound this problem and I found that clicks/instals decreases and continue to decrease. Problem mentioned in first post of this topic is not solved and continue to growth. Dear Brave team what we must do for problem solution? Stop all advertising campaigns? Can we wait for any compensation?

Unfortunately, that seems to be true. It’s hard to prove, so I’m not writing about it anywhere. Only in this post 1 time, since it has already crossed all borders. Imagine that everyone starts to write like that, they say he earned a lot, but he was dishonestly paid. Sounds like nonsense.
But in fact, I notice this, and recently very often. The new office (after the new year) works poorly and with constant interruptions. The elementary number of downloads in the main table (sea color) is less than on the graph itself (if you manually calculate it yourself).
I do not want to hint at anything, but as if it was done on purpose. Problem cabinet + reduction of key rates = it is clear that Brave wants to save money and go to any measures.
Again, I have been promoting the browser for a long time and keep track of statistics. I would have no complaints if it were not for one thing … The difference between MY statistics from various sources and the statistics that Brave’s office shows is simply striking to me. I have been leading it for months and, no longer going into the office itself, I can predict how much I will earn. But recently, there has been a bias in statistics, which was created artificially, and not through the fault of users.

I hope that over time the brave will sort out the problems and everything will be fine, and my observations are not true, but just a coincidence.


Do you run ads to recruit people?

You seem to be running ads, are you running google ads?

no way. the answer is negative

I will denounce you :nhếch mép:

I have a problem again, only me? not downloads. Such a fall cannot be abrupt. Failure again.
And the last failure (February 25) is also not resolved. The graph clearly shows that this just cannot happen.

Every 25th day of the month is a failure, for which then there are no compensations.

read before spam post

That’s a good news.


Keep up to date. captain.

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