Repeated crashes on 1.3.113 on Mac and Ubuntu

@aphoid @srp,
We have a newer test build (v1.3.115) for users to install that should stop the crashes – can you try and install this new build and see if the crashes stop?

I’m assuming that my Brave stopped crashing because my sync eventually disabled from when I removed it from my sync chain via my phone. I can re-enable sync and test this evening if it’s still helpful.

I installed 1.3.115 on my mac and I can’t re-enable sync to check if it fixed anything.

I check my Linux box next

Before installing on my Linux box, I re-enabled syncing, but I’m seeing the same thing when I try to visit brave://sync

Also, if I change a bookmark on my iPhone or on the linux box, it doesn’t seem to be reflected on the other (I’m assuming that my Mac bookmarks aren’t syncing.

@aphoid we temporarily disabled Sync on desktop due to crashes and stability issues we were experiencing so the above is unfortunately the expected behaviour for the time being. We’ll need more time to look into what’s causing all these problems. In the meantime, sync was disabled so we can update our users to 1.3.x which includes several important fixes including a Chromium 80 bump.

@aphoid with sync disabled, has the crashes stopped for you?

I haven’t seen crashes after manually disabling my sync on 1.3.113. I had no crashes on 1.3.114 with sync disabled. I haven’t seen a crash on 1.3.115.


Thanks @aphoid, really appreciate the feedback!

Thanks! That seems to have done the trick.

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I appreciate that the crashes aren’t happening, but what I want out of Brave is more syncing of more things not no syncing at all. I realize that the devs are working on it. I hope they fix it soon.


Just updated to 1.3.118. I’m still seeing “This site can’t be reached” when I go to brave://sync, and it talks about “chrome://sync/” in the tab title and the page.

Any progress on re-enabling sync?

Also, “Sync” is missing from the brave://settings sidebar on macOS. it’s there in the sidebar on linux, but there’s nothing between the Appearance and Shields sections.

Thanks for updating us. We’re still working out the kinks in Sync right now, but have made significant progress in resolving them. We don’t, however, want to claim that Sync is “fixed” before it actually is.
We do appreciate everyone’s patience.

I’m mildly concerned that in trying to test “sync” during this issue, I may have broken my Bookmarks and now have multiple inconsistent copies around. Whenever sync reappears, I might have a ton of duplication.

@aphoid Whenever the true fix is implemented, you should be able to create a new sync chain and import your bookmarks, assuming you have exported a copy of them that is in a good state. No big deal!

Is there anything I should be doing on my iOS devices to prevent any issues when sync comes back?

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