Reopen closed tab loses navigation history

When I reopen a closed tab, there is no Back navigation history. I cannot imagine this is by design. If so, Why? This happens to me about 35 times a day where I need to reopen a closed tab, and the Back nav history is missing! So I must then open the History panel and find the previous page of the reopened close tab (usually a search engine query page). What a pain. Thanks so much. Running one of the latest versions of Brave.

I don’t know, but it works fine for me.

Are you using any extensions?

How exactly are you re-opening the closed tab?

Before proceeding, make sure you’re on 1.50.119, which is current as of this writing.

Thanks for the reply.

The only way I reopen a closed tab is with a mouse gesture addon called “CrxMouse Chrome Gestures”. I just tried CTRL-SHIFT-T and it works in maintaining the navigation history! Now I need to figure out why it’s not working with this addon. You pointed me in the right direction. Thanks!

EDIT: Yeah, I spent hours on this CrxMouse Chrome Gestures addon. Not only does it not restore history when reopening a closed tab, but it doesn’t restore it to the position is was previously in even though Chrome default action is selected. When I use CTRL-SHIFT-T or right-click on a tab to Reopen closed tab, it restores history AND it reopens it to the original tab position.

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