Renewing Syncing across Different Devices that have vastly Diverged

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What are the best practices to re-enable Sync across multiple platforms and devices that were previously sync’d? But now, they have vastly diverged in bookmarks?

Alternatively, are their tools to mass edit over 50,000 bookmarks and 1000s of embedded sub-folders?


I tried searched on and off for a few months ever since sync was re-released. But I haven’t seen any topics on this come up. I’d any do exist, please link here as I am unable to find any.

I have multiple devices across all platforms (Linux laptops, iOS tablet, Android phone, Windows work, macOS work). The whole gambit.

They all use Brave. And yes, I was very dismayed when sync was killed off. But understand why.

I want to get all of these sync’d again. However, I don’t want to loose any bookmarks that already exist.

Short of writing my own XML merge utility (for Bookmark export merging), what is the best way to get everything re-sync’d?

I see one of two methods:

  1. Go ahead and link all devices. Let it all merge because data will not be lost (is this true?!). Then use a tool to clean all the dupes. (Is there such a tool?

  2. Or. Just export all devices (7 or 8 of them). Write your own tool to merge everything into a single set of bookmarks. Wipe out all devices’ bookmarks. And load up the refined bookmark list to start from scratch. Then link and sync one device at a time.

I’m trying to avoid #2. But, I can’t seem to find any info on 1.


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Have you tried ? It’s a bookmark online service might help you keep your bookmarks until sync is up and running on all platforms