Removing "Pending Contributions"

Hi guys,

Quick question, if I were to remove a “Pending Contribution” entry… what happens to that BAT? Does it go back to my rewards wallet or does it disappear forever?

I only ask as I noticed that I removed a contribution (an old one, for a site that no longer exists for 0.2BAT) thinking that maybe it would redistribute or maybe come back to my wallet for me to recontribute in a future month, however I can’t see/tell where it has gone.

I only did this for a very small amount to minimise risk of losing the BAT entirely for me or for a publisher… what is supposed to happen?

What happens to the BAT after the 90 period is complete as well? Does it then come back to my wallet for re-use or does it distribute another way?

The “pending” page is basically a list of BAT you’ve promised to give out in the future.

If you remove a transaction from the list, then that BAT won’t be sent out. Therefore, you also won’t see any change in your balance.

Same story for the 90 day period – it just simply will never leave your wallet in that case.

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