Removing frozen Cookie and Site data entry

There is a cookies allowed website I do not visit any longer that wont delete/remove when clicking on dustbin on Setting>Cookies and Site Data nothing happen.
Screenshot attached

Hi @utts,

If you revisit the site that has cookies allowed and enable the shields for the site, it should remove it from the list.

Thanks Aa-ron.
I did try that but unfortunately the webpage in question yesterday was coming up saying coming up soon. Today just a black screen.
I may not be able to remove that the way you suggest.

Appreciated anyway.


Even if the website doesn’t load you can still toggle the Shields at the top right of the address bar

Aa-ron I’m afraid you have to be more specific.
Do you mean click on brave shield icon?
That just allow to enable/disable shields.

The item i need to remove is on Setting> Permissions.

I raised this a few weeks ago -

Unfortunately nobody from Brave seems to want to respond and on the thread you can see another user also has the issue and decided to change browser…

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@kanga thanks for the information.
Though it has been a while since my last post I too noticed that troubleshooting support is scarce on this forum.
Employees must be stretched…:thinking:

Apologies for not being explicit enough. We recognise that not being able to remove the site from the list (while in the settings) is an issue, and we’re handling it.
But for the time being, to help illustrate what I was saying earlier, here’s a GIF of me adding and removing the site.


I got three entry that cannot be delete after disabling shields and add website to whitelist.
When I enable shields I see only two, one disappear without any interaction from me.:unamused:

No joy my friend.


Got it, I was able to remove the pesky entries after playing around with your suggestion as per screenshot on your post.
Thank you very much.