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I’m using a fully updated Brave, in Xubuntu 18.04. I have been getting the error for 2 weeks now (more or less), but the issue started immediately after an updates. Thelatest update (earlier today) did not fix the issue.

The error:

“You are using an unsupported command-line flag: -no sandbox. Stability and security will suffer.”

Brave is pretty stupid in this mode and even uses Google search despite the fact that my computer is (proudly) google free by explicit command to use duckduckgo.

I know it’s in development, THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT.

But, if this problem can’t be fixed, how do I remove Brave and all it’s related configuration files so I can try reinstalling from scratch. After the 10th time loosing bookmarks, I gave up trying to personalize it, so an uninstall for me wouldn’t involve any backup of personal data or configuration related files.

A search engine inquiry seems to indicate Brave has no uninstaller and that sudo apt-get remove --purge Brave DOES NOT WORK because it wasn’t installed using the apt command.

Since this is a feedback forum, I’d like to include mine-even though it has no relation to this thread specifically.

I’d like to see Brave combat the Basic and Fundamental problem with browser privacy, which is lack of countermeasures to prevent or minimize the use of active content to harvest personal information from my computer…and combating forever cookies that just cannot be removed. To the best of my knowledge, Brave does nothing-so websites we use can harvest personal information and take the funds we give them::>



The “sandbox” error is known but I’d like to know how you derived your last paragraph there. Are you under the impression that Brave is collecting your data from somewhere?

Please excuse the delay in my response.

I never meant to imply that Brave collected personal information from my computer. Brave is the tool that allows the interrogation of my computer that results in personal information harvesting. But, the personal information is harvested because active content is enabled, more commonly known as ‘javascript’.

We (users) are under attack…if not by the websites we connect to, our privacy is compromised by our ISP’s, google, yahoo, amazon. The most powerful tool used for tracking is the evercookie ( And, a close second is the tagging done that makes your computer individually tagged, so that you are forever NOT anonymous.

I have doubts that the sandbox doesn’t combat the extraction of personal information.

I am in the process of setting up a computer system that boots and runs from a slightly modified live Linux CD, it won’t even have a hard drive in the computer, so evercookies have no place to hide, once the computer is restarted. Since the CD is not re-writable, there is absolute privacy because nothing can be stored during each session. I wish Brave would use a more aggressive/absolute means of preventing extraction of personal information.

GL to all and thanks to the Brave developers who give us a valuable tool to minimize tracking and extraction of personal information without our knowledge.


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