Remove vpn option from browser

remove the vpn option from browser and give a dedicated app for that so we can really use vpn on the device fully and a serious vpn. vpn is a paid service and it is built on browser it looks unpolished and it actually is you should make a vpn app like mulvad ivpn or protonvpn nordvpn so on…

I think you missed the point here. Their purpose is not to offer a VPN, but to offer a browser with VPN integrated. If you want to use an independent app you are always welcome to use whatever fits you. No one stops you of using any independent app, and no one forces you to use Brave VPN.

no it is a paid service so if someone is paying for so they expect to have it on otherdevices and also a app so it can be used on other apps over vpn it seem like a unthought experiment.
how some one will pay for 8$ and dont expect to have a proper vpn so they have to get a another vpn subscription.

I am afraid you are mistaken. What they sell is a VPN integrated in the browser.


Did you pay for VPN and you need help? or are you just complaining without testing it first?

I ask, because if you read about VPN in the Brave’s website, where it should be the obvious place to search for information first, maybe your post would be a question, asking about it, curious about it, asking why it is not working as you read it should… not, “blablabla do what I say” blablabla 8 dollars blablabla pay service, like if you were the king of the world, an expert in what you are talking about, or a Brave investor of 5 million dollars.

Brave-level protection, even outside the Brave browser:

Brave browser puts your privacy first by blocking ads, trackers, cookies, scripts, and more while you browse the Web. Brave Firewall + VPN is a premium service that goes even further by enabling you to:

  • Mask your IP address
  • Change your location online
  • Prevent your ISP from snooping on your activity
  • Access your favorite content no matter where you are
  • Protect your Internet traffic on apps outside the Brave browser

Brave Firewall + VPN, powered by Guardian, extends all the protection you expect from Brave outside of the browser on Android, iOS, and macOS (and Windows, with an added workaround). That means giving you network-level protection against unwanted surveillance on the apps you use, across all your devices. Guardian is a leading Firewall + VPN technology platform that was recently acquired by DNSFilter.

Note that iOS and Android users can use our integrated Privacy Hub (a feature coming soon to desktop as well) to check exactly which trackers are blocked, including outside of Brave. The Privacy Hub highlights risky pages and trackers, and ties those trackers to the tech companies and publishers behind them, showing users how often sites try to invade their privacy.

So the only one not included is Linux, and they are trying to change things to make the VPN better, by using WireGuard, especially on windows where there are many problems because of Windows specific code.
Of course, I am not going to waste more my time, because you should research and learn, and maybe go and use the search function in GitHub, the second place to search for information, instead of posting something you clearly don’t know, because you didn’t care to do 5 minutes of research and just jumped to conclusions.

I have protonvpn
I usually try others also before that i have mulved and before that i have nord.
so now i was looking a something new so brave grab my attention if they provide a something like wire guard or openvpn support i can use it on my router or something like that.

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