Remove vpn from browser and publish a vpn app

I think Brave should remove the VPN feature from the browser and publish a standalone VPN app. Users who pay $100 for a VPN subscription expect to be able to use it on their entire device, not just the browser. The current implementation of the Brave VPN only works with the browser, which is not what most users want

You can. It works on the entire device. Why do you think it’s just the browser?

Once it’s activated for the first time, it actually is set on your device. For example, here on Windows:

I can have Brave VPN turned off on my browser and completely exit Brave, but Brave VPN will still be listed on my OS VPN settings to be activated. The VPN connection works for all things connecting to the internet and the browser doesn’t have to be open.

Ok i don’t know that but still a browser should only be a browser having vpn in a browser is like wechat. Making a discrete app will make more sense and people will notice that like what we see in proton proton mail proton vpn etc.