Remove the posting limit for new users!


Dear site managers,
dear Brave community,

what were you thinking when setting up the restrictions for new users?!

Why do you need a badge in order to be granted “the ability to post multiple images and links”(quoted from here)?

I’ve stated this in my own first post too,

I don’t get why it would matter if there are 2 or 200 spam links.

Unless it’s like 10 times the same link or a zip-bomb of images, this restriction is just counterproductive.

Restricting the amount of new posts (not edits) you can publish in a certain amount of time would be a lot more effective (e.g. 2 posts per 30 minutes).

Please reconsider.


Thanks for the feedback @Zuzu_Typ,

Brave use Discourse for this community site and Discourse have something called Trust level. See Welcome to

But let me cc @alex in case he can do something with the limit. :slight_smile:


+1 @Zuzu_Typ
@eljuno Perhaps you remember that I ran into the same issue the first day I joined and enthusiastically wrote a lot of posts in a short time. I agree with @Zuzu_Typ , it’s counter-productive, even though I can understand why the limit exist. How about… doubling it? That would be 32 posts and would be much better - I would probably have run out of posting juice at the 30th :smiley: