Remove the little red "notifications" circle from the Brave triangle icon on the URL/address bar

I’m new here, just signed up. I’ve been using Brave for a few months now. I’m slowly learning how to use this program.
In the Brave browser, URL/web address bar, right side: There is a triangular icon that opens a type of summary/notifications box. On my screen, the triangular icon has a smaller red circle on the top right side, with a number inside. No matter what I do, that little circle WILL NOT go away.
I’ve clicked on that icon MANY times, read the summary and notices, and followed instructions that took me to help topics. None of those help topics addressed my problem. There are no options to see what precisely that number in the little red circle is supposed to show me.
Will someone (anyone) PLEASE be able to show/direct me as how to PROPERLY view that little red circle’s information AND remove it?
Thank you for your kind assistance.

I’m not sure which version of Brave I’m using (at least not yet). According to my android smartphone’s app info, this is version 1.5.6. …not sure if that helps…

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Hello @hisunset. Could you upload one or more screenshots of your problem?

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I’m attempting this right now…not sure if it’ll work.

I hope that the image uploaded well enough to be clearly seen. I wasn’t able to to edit the screenshot to highlight the problem. Thank you for replying!

And what message that you received when you click the triangle icon?

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A dialogue box opens (extending down from the triangle, with a message and a page summary. The message states: “There was a problem processing your contribution.”
I’ll see if I can take a screenshot of it.

And what happens when you click the X button at the top right of the message, @hisunset? Did the notifications number decreased?

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I have clicked on the red x many, many times.
It stays put, and so does the number.

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