Remove Profile/User Button UI

Please get rid of this utterly useless icon cluttering up the UI. I know Chrome introduced this abomination but it has no place in Brave. At minimum, allow us to hide it completely. All options here can be put under different icons/menus. I can tell you I will never use this icon as the first thing I do is disable all information gathering in my browsers like auto fills, addresses, payment info, syncing, etc. which is all this icon seems good for. The Open Tor Window option is out-of-place here and should be in the same menu as the other new/open window/tab selections. I don’t understand why profiles are needed in a browser for different users anyway. Isn’t that what user accounts in your OS of choice solve?

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cc: @alex @rebron for inputs


While we appreciate your feedback and the detail put into it, please pay attention to the way you present yourself here in Community and do not make demands. Please make requests when you want to see something included (or subtracted) in Brave.

Going to try and cc @rebron2000 again for some additional input as he knows more about these types of decisions than I.

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Hi @unab0mb. Thanks for your feedback. On several of your points, we agree with you and work is in progress. We have plans to address the profile/user icon (to hide until a user creates a new profile) and to put the ‘Open Private with Tor’ in the proper menu location.

We’ll also be removing the links to sync, passwords, addresses, payments.

We do have additional feedback from users wanting separate profiles for many reasons but quickly, a user might want a separate profile just for browsing a specific site, have multiple user accounts for one site, work vs home, etc.


I apologize if my comments came off as harsh or a demand, but it was not intended that way. First word was in fact, please. The button does rub me the wrong way though and I do strongly wish for its demise. :grin:


Issue logged for removing the Brave Rewards button