Remove Pending Tips from Balance

I just sent my first tip to someone who wasn’t registered for Brave yet (I did it at the same time I told them they should sign up for Brave rewards haha). Later I noticed that my balance didn’t change and I thought that perhaps it didn’t go through or maybe I didn’t complete the whole process (I was under the impression that it would be sent away in limbo and pending for a maximum of 90 days). After digging around I noticed it did, in fact, go through, it just didn’t effect my balance at all. I think this is pretty bad design (assuming it’s not a bug) as it could lead to people thinking their tips didn’t work, or “overspending” in the sense that people you think you’re tipping aren’t actually going to get that money if you tip more than you have. Not to mention it just makes it harder to keep track of your available BAT the more tips you have. I think at the very least there should be a setting to hide pending BAT.