Remove flag from Ads account

Brave rewards account has been flagged for months now, not sure how one would have invalid use of ads but like can you unflag me already, it doesn’t take a few months to unflag someone and sometimes the ads are actually good and the small income buys me a couple coffees a month.

Gimme my ads back.

Well, one of the primary things is people using VPN to appear in other regions. If your computer Locale is set like you’re in Florida, United States but your VPN says you’re in London, England then it’s going to have issues with that. This is because it’s serving ads for one region but seeing you might be in another, therefore it assumes you’re trying to bypass ad restrictions.

That said, there’s a lot of other little things people can do. Such as if you went in to edit folders/files you have no business messing with, try changing logs, hacking into the server, duplicating your same exact browser (using the same encryption key) on multiple devices…and so much more.

If it’s just the system doing its thing, it flags and unflags whenever it feels like it. Keep in mind for it to flag people, the system is saying you were doing stuff you shouldn’t and it’s protecting Brave from financial losses. So it’s not like you’d be a priority in giving access to your account.

All of that said, we’re now to the key thing. You’ll need to submit a Support Ticket and provide necessary information so someone from Brave can try to investigate. If they don’t see unusual activity, they sometimes will remove the flag.

To create a Support Ticket, complete the form at

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