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I feel very sorry about what you said regarding the program. To be honest, all of us happen to have some issues with some parts of it, but here is my personal opinion: I’ve been using chrome before and I am kind of used with that interface. 1 year ago, there came a friend and told me that: Hey! There’s a browser I discovered these days: it looks exactly like chrome, but it is a tuned version of that. You might wanna give it a try. That’s the moment I left Google’s thing behind and have stopped recommending it. I understood that Brave means power, at least for Android. It is my daily driver and I would never change it. I recommend that you, android users, get the nightly version. It is stable and I use it since July.
And this is what I had to say. I am sorry to see an user leave. Hope you will feel well with your next choice. I wish you well and always feel good!

thanks again for your nice words and feeling

i meant that after i got my answer to the post i mentioned i will not leave

and for chrome i do not like it from privacy point of view

thanks again and have a nice day

I don’t wanna say too much about chrome, just that it is a pack of nerves for me: Where is the toolbar at the top as I feel so comfortable with my screen reader? Where is the add blocker? Where is the background video playback? Where more than what I said. Brave is surely a tune over chrome and now, just to prove that, I saw that the stable build has got 4.8 stars rating on google passing google’s 4.1. If you want, I can post the 1 star review I wrote for it. Haha Haha!
On the other hand, I am happy that you won’t leave.

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i agree too that and thanks a lot and nice to meet such nice one like all of you

If you want your data from Community deleted or some other data deleted, please send me a DM.