Remove country code from autofill

Autofill currently saves phone numbers with +(country code) at the beginning of the number, and the browser will not allow you to delete the country code from your autofill form. Most online forms don’t accept country codes, so when you use the autofill feature your phone number pastes incorrectly. So for example if your phone number is +1 (234) 567-8910 it will paste into the online form as (123) 456-7891 instead of (234) 567-8910. Having to manually re-enter your phone number every time makes the autofill function pointless, and if you forget to change it manually or simply don’t notice that it autofilled incorrectly it can lead to consequences such as lost deliveries, missed appointments, and even trouble with certain agencies (bill collectors /etc) when they are unable to reach you at the phone number listed on the form. Please allow us to delete the country code from our phone numbers on the autofill form, or at least put in some way for the browser to detect whether a country code is being requested on a form.


This issue has been reported by a number of users over the last 2 years but keeps being closed out due to inactivity.

This issue is super annoying and I’ve stopped using Brave autofill until it changes.

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Example of what happens


On desktop you are able to delete individual autofill entries – however on Android, you may need to go to Settings --> Addresses and more and find the entry that contains the phone number with the country code and trash the entry.

You could also simply edit that entry to remove the country code and only contain the area code + phone number.

You can’t edit the entry to only have area code + number. Brave forces you to have a country code…

That’s the point of all our frustrations.


I understand.
I’ve reached out to our Android team to see if there is anything we can do about this.

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I’ve opened an issue on our Github account to see if we can get this behavior changed. Note that I cannot tell you whether or not it will prioritized any time soon (or if it’ll get changed at all) — if you feel strongly about this, you may want to go and “+1” or comment on the issue below:

This issue keeps tempting me to drop Brave.

I’ve used 1 website in a while that used a country code and dozens that didn’t. It’s annoying.

yes, the +1 certainly causes more problems than it solves. There HAS to be a BETTER WAY. PLZ help us on this one!?!?

This seriously is a leading factor in leaving Brave. I know the world isn’t the United States, but an issue that prevents any USA phone number to be auto filled is just ridiculous especially after its been reported for years and every single other browser has figured it out. It cannot be a hard change.